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Smart means taking inspiration from everywhere

Could the messages we see every day have been done better? How? Why? >> Portfolio

Smart doesn’t just happen

In creative services, smart comes from strategic efforts, compelling truth, and proper data analysis. >> My Creative Process

Never Stop Learning Blog

Covering the creative process, digital technology, reading list, SEO, advertising and Jeopardy! training.


Smart ideas trump cute ideas. Smart ones connect the dots between the brand message and real life. Cute ideas typically achieve a certain aesthetic, but not much else.

I am a copywriter and advertising groupie. A copywriting mentor once taught me that writers are “the smart ones,” who pay off the hierarchy of visual elements with clarifying copy. That being said, I pay homage to art directors (pixel surgeons), for their vital design chops that attract viewers’ attention.

My Copywriter Portfolio

Welcome to, my online copywriting portfolio, as well as my “never stop learning” blog. I’m Kristine and I welcome creatives, writers, and Internet trolls to get to know my words, ideas and inspiration.

Never Stop Learning Blog

Please feel free to comment on my blog or contact me to send links of smart ideas in advertising, marketing or writing. Don’t be shy, say hi!

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