My Creative Process

I want to drown in information. When researching a new client, writing a single web page, or pitching branding information, I want to know myriad details. Why are they enlisting freelance creative services? What is the business challenge? What would they like to obtain or achieve?

Fastidiously compiling information keeps my brain engaged. I observe the write-hot, edit-cold method for conceptual brainstorming. Without a filter during the idea generation process, the yield is much greater and the process more enjoyable.

After I have exhausted my right brain ideas, the critical analysis begins. Does my idea make sense? Is it on strategy? Within budget? Physically possible? Legal? These are just some of the questions that pepper my creative evaluation.

Working solo, with a partner or on a team are all familiar and enjoyable. I love getting to know other creative souls who share high standards for our work. Regardless of the size of the team or the scope of the project, I respect my creative process. In other words, I get jump into the research as soon as possible to extract the most nectar from the creative process.

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