About Me

About Kristine, a Seattle Copywriter

seattle-copywriter-mozbotI have been captivated with copywriting since an early age. I remember being 8 years old when I was struck with a branding idea – that Hoover should make a vacuum model called ‘the Hoover Remover’.

Since that initial bout of wordsmithery, I have developed a much deeper creative process. Ad school taught me to diagnose my client’s actual business needs, the current public opinion and how to create a single compelling idea. After three years of ad school and a copywriting internship in the beautiful Bay Area, I packed up for my native Seattle.

After my internship with San Francisco’s Publicis Dialog, I cut my teeth as a Seattle copywriter on a freelance and volunteer basis. Penning non-profit websites, in addition to campaigns for Bing, Microsoft Partner Network, Windows Phone 7, and more, gave me a sense of satisfaction I still foster.

The need for full-time, steady employment brought me to a world of WordPress websites, SEO strategy and copywriting, marketing conversion, and more. I have been fortunate to learn new and innovative skills at every phase of my career, such as:

  • Copywriting (B2C, B2B, Technical, and SEO)
  • Branding
  • Website & content management
  • On-page SEO & strategic use of keywords
  • Email marketing
  • Social media
  • Polished verbal and written communication with peers, clients and executives
  • Time management
  • Thriving in fast-paced work environments
  • Project management

One of my greatest professional assets is my infinite curiosity for understanding the client, a new industry, or emerging technology. My intellectual thirst can be more thoroughly explored on my blog, where comments and discussion are encouraged. Check it out today!