Word to WordCamp!

Wow, WordCamp Seattle 2014 has already come and gone. I had a blast at WordCamp Seattle 2013 and it looks like I’ll miss the nearest 2014 WordCamp, in San Francisco. Hope all my fellow SEOs, publishers, storytellers, designers and business folks have a blast. The best parts of WordPress are what make WordCamp so much fun: […]

Mobile, Mobile, Mobile

Mobile is everything. At Mozcon 2013, speakers claimed mobile usage in the United States has crossed the digital divide. This study from Ad Age shares how many of the mobile phone market use a smartphone: a whopping 50% in the United States. So, if responsive design isn’t your answer to serving users across multiple platforms, […]


Photo gallery of my feisty Maine coon cat, Buzz.

How to Clean Up in Trivia

When Thursday night rolls around, I am lucky to compete for chintzy prizes and bragging rights with a well-rounded team of geeks. Geek pride abounds at Geeks Who Drink trivia night at the Highliner Pub in the Interbay neighborhood of Seattle. Our team’s sweet spot is being diverse. If we have all six nerdy, data-loving, […]

Why I Can’t Wait for Mozcon 2013

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a tricky practice to understand at first. The first time my boss asked me to write some “SEO-friendly” copy, I largely ignored the SEO portion of the task and wrote what I felt best told the story on that page. As I have gone from SEO beginner to novice to […]

Native advertising and it’s cousin, inbound marketing

“Nobody reads advertising. They read what they want to read and sometimes it’s an ad.” –Pamela Vaughan, Hubspot The Internet user experience has changed so drastically, even in the last few years. Publishers have gotten more savvy, user-friendly platforms such as WordPress make content easier to push out, and design has followed suit. The best brands […]

Your friend on the radio waves

Tom Shane may be boring. His monotonous nasal pitch may send you to sleep, but you know where his jewelry stores are. Growing up, Seattle listeners were invited to the “corner of 4th and Stewart”. Nowdays, shoppers are invited to “Alderwood Mall Boulevard, between I-5 and 405”,  “Monday through Friday ’til 8, or Saturday and […]

Get creative with Google Think Insights

    In the SEO world, change is constant, fast, and vital. With today’s trend towards agile marketing, managing time, projects, creativity, and freshness beckons for acute organization and some sweet tools. Google recently rolled out Think Insights, (first and foremost a hub of all things Google) while showcasing ingenuity in digital creative. I enjoyed […]

Smile, you’re designed to

Happy New Year, almost! It’s been an exciting  few months. I have learned to ski, celebrated Christmas, took first place in my rookie season of uber-nerdy fantasy football, among other exciting adventures. As we move into 2013, I resolve to heed this beautiful print I received from Fab.com: smile, you’re designed to. :) How cheerful! […]

Get More Than a Quarter Back

Cute wordplay on “quarter”. As an avid football fan and blooming fantasy football geek, I can’t resist NFL-themed content. The following is cultish, the reach is frightening, and let’s face it: football is an addiction, for the faithful fans. Even when fans are angry, they can’t stop watching. Players, media, and fans alike were all […]