Native advertising and it’s cousin, inbound marketing

“Nobody reads advertising. They read what they want to read and sometimes it’s an ad.” –Pamela Vaughan, Hubspot The Internet user experience has changed so drastically, even in the last few years. Publishers have gotten more savvy, user-friendly platforms such as WordPress make content easier to push out, and design has followed suit. The best brands […]

Get More Than a Quarter Back

Cute wordplay on “quarter”. As an avid football fan and blooming fantasy football geek, I can’t resist NFL-themed content. The following is cultish, the reach is frightening, and let’s face it: football is an addiction, for the faithful fans. Even when fans are angry, they can’t stop watching. Players, media, and fans alike were all […]

10 Things I’ve Learned From Mad Men

I know an AD from a CD, the accounts guy from the copywriter, and that the client always wants the logo bigger. I am in advertising (albeit, currently in the freelance creative capacity). Despite my fluency in advertising, here are 10 things I am learning from Mad Men:

Political Advertising Earns A Smile

In my cyncial view, political advertising is respected even less than pharma. Which is, not at the top of the advertising totem pole.

Welcome! What is “Smart Trumps Cute”?

An idea. A philosophy. A mission. Smart trumps cute is my belief that creative work (advertising, writing, screenplays, stories, etc) must be strategically engineered to express a message. Cute is easy. Smart is making sense of a selling proposition, a humorous situation or a juxtaposition of elements. Ads that make me laugh, songs that make […]