Why I Can’t Wait for Mozcon 2013

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a tricky practice to understand at first. The first time my boss asked me to write some “SEO-friendly” copy, I largely ignored the SEO portion of the task and wrote what I felt best told the story on that page. As I have gone from SEO beginner to novice to […]

Your friend on the radio waves

Tom Shane may be boring. His monotonous nasal pitch may send you to sleep, but you know where his jewelry stores are. Growing up, Seattle listeners were invited to the “corner of 4th and Stewart”. Nowdays, shoppers are invited to “Alderwood Mall Boulevard, between I-5 and 405”,  “Monday through Friday ’til 8, or Saturday and […]

Welcome! What is “Smart Trumps Cute”?

An idea. A philosophy. A mission. Smart trumps cute is my belief that creative work (advertising, writing, screenplays, stories, etc) must be strategically engineered to express a message. Cute is easy. Smart is making sense of a selling proposition, a humorous situation or a juxtaposition of elements. Ads that make me laugh, songs that make […]