Trivia Training

Seattle copywriter loves Jeopardy!The thinking person’s quiz show, aka Jeopardy! is admittedly one of my favorite vices. I crave the prowess of well-rounded knowledge, not just to buzz in before the competition, spew the right answer (in the form of a question), and compete for earnings, I really do want to know the answer!

The vast areas of knowledge that make up the questions fascinate me. On one question you are debunking popular computer acronyms (LOL), while the next may cover Shakespearean sonnets, then mathematical formulas, and onto the capitol city of Indonesia. Life can also be just as random. I desire a broad understanding of the world itself, for these reasons:

  • intrinsic value
  • potential Jeopardy! earnings (taxable income is still income)
  • cocktail party fodder
  • competitive factors
  • trivia night know-how
  • new facts and familiarity may influence the creative process, often in subliminal ways

I am strong in several areas of trivia, but need help in several areas, too. I figure I will never gain any ground with my overall knowledge unless I read things in which I’m not particularly interested. As a Seattle copywriter, I have to connect and relate to any given target audience, so enticing myself with unfamiliar areas of study bodes well for my humanistic side. New material can make itself useful in myriad unforseen ways.


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