Welcome! What is “Smart Trumps Cute”?

An idea. A philosophy. A mission.

Smart trumps cute is my belief that creative work (advertising, writing, screenplays, stories, etc) must be strategically engineered to express a message. Cute is easy. Smart is making sense of a selling proposition, a humorous situation or a juxtaposition of elements.

Ads that make me laugh, songs that make me sing along, or movies that make me cry are smart. The art of smart storytelling requires the ability to self-edit without mercy. Cute, on the other hand, may be achieved by focusing on aesthetics alone.

Imagine a creative artist whose work you respect. For me, the geniuses at Pixar come to mind first. Their characters are cute, but their story lines are quintessential to their success. Toy Story made brought toys to life, while Monsters, Inc. made heroes out of antagonistic characters. To me, Pixar is so much more than a studio – it’s a case study in creative brilliance.

Caffeinated Creative Critique

As a copywriter, my brain is constantly evaluating the words and messages I see every day. I cannot turn off this instinct; it’s like a news ticker rapidly flowing in my head.

I find inspiration and amusement in billboards, bus sides, the checkboxes on my espresso cup, radio ads, garage sale fliers, and more. One of the purposes of this blog will be to share my writer’s interpretation of my findings.

This blog will also serve creative inspiration or amusement, usually found in these areas:

  • English and grammar
  • Advertising
  • Music and lyric analysis
  • Brushing up on my trivia in order to compete on Jeopardy! some day
  • My hometown and current locale, Seattle, Washington

In addition, I will be blogging with my critique and commentary on copywriting, how to properly order coffee, with a few posts about .

Welcome to Smart Trumps Cute – home of creative inspiration, grammar tyranny and paying homage to the caffeine molecule.

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